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In light of ensuring the ability of civil society institutions to promote women's participation in the local community, the life - monitoring center is implementing the project "women support democracy and women's rights in the northern region of Jordan", in cooperation with the Solidarity Association for the alliance, we launch the invitation for the opportunity to join the project .

The project "women supporting democracy and women's rights in the northern region of Jordan" is one of the projects of the Hayat - rased Center, which aims to enhance the participation of women in the local administration and their greater integration into the decision-making process .the project will work to build the capacities of the targeted women in the project, who will be selected after submitting applications via the electronic form below. one of the stages of the project includes the implementation of 180 peer education sessions, so that those sessions are in line with the requirements, aspirations and needs of the project within the local areas, and also aims to contribute to the recognition and exercise of women's rights in Jordan in 4 regions in the north of Mafraq Jordan, Irbid, Jerash and Ajloun. In this context, the project seeks to support individuals, organizations and women's institutions that promote equality and non-violence in the regions of northern Jordan through 3 lines of action : 

The first is to focus on strengthening the capacity of grassroots community organizations led by women to exercise and defend their political rights, where this goal will be reached by working with a group of men to promote their positive values and their perspective on women . 

The second is that it focuses on creating a working network between organizations and women who hold political positions, are interested in these positions or are candidates in elections.

And the third: it focuses on strengthening the role of prevention, reduction and resolution of conflicts that women can go through.

It is important to mention that the project is considered one of the priorities of the work of the Spanish Agency for international cooperation for development.

 Please note: Due to the limited target group of the project, the number of women we can accommodate will be limited. That is, for about 180 women only, and for this, we ask each applicant to fill in all the required data completely, which plays an important role by choosing them using the form below.

The call for applications is open to all women in the northern regions of Jordan (Irbid, Ajloun, Mafraq, Jerash) and a committee from the Hayat - rased center will review the applications and select the candidates for the project according to the criteria that contribute to the success of the project activities and increase the acceptance rate, such as being Mrs.:

Community activist.

She has experience in community work.

She has the ability to commit to all training and the full duration of the project.

She has the ability to commit to the implementation of peer education sessions.

It has the ability to commit to the implementation of initiatives.

You intend to run for the 2021 municipal elections

Be a former decentralized member or a local council member or representative

The application deadline is: January 18, 2021

We appreciate your interest, madam, for joining the projects of the Life Center –rased

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Upload requirements
Do you have the ability to commit to the above project activities?
Are you a current or former member of Parliament?
Are you a member of a local council?
Do you intend to run for the Municipality and Decentralization Elections Council 2021?
Have you ever had the experience of running for previous elections?
Do you have any membership in any women's network?
Have you ever joined any party?
Have you ever participated in projects with Al-Hayat Rased Center?