Conference on "Culture and Art as Tools for Enhancing Social Cohesion in Jordan"

مؤتمر "الثقافة والفن أداة من أدوات تعزيز التماسك المجتمعي" 7

The Women's Programs Center in the Souf camp in Jerash governorate organized, on Tuesday, March 14th, 2023, in cooperation with Al Hayat Center - RASED, the conference "Culture and Art as Tools for Enhancing Social Cohesion" as part of the project to empower civil society institutions to enhance social cohesion.

During the conference, Minister of Culture Haifa Al-Najjar said that modern Jordan is based on diversity, pluralism, and the principle of participation. Al-Najjar added that the Ministry of Culture works with full partnership and cannot work in isolation from everyone.

The conference was attended by the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway to Jordan, Espen Lindbeck, and the Director General of Al Hayat Center - RASED, Amer Bani Amer.

Norwegian Ambassador Lindbeck said that women's programs strengthen social unity and must be worked on all year round to empower women and support activists, civil society associations, and initiatives. He added that unfortunately, women's participation is still less than that of men, and some women are subjected to violence at times, so the status of women in society must be changed.

The Director-General of Al Hayat Center - RASED, Amer Bani Amer, affirmed that Jordanians are socially cohesive, which is the title of security in the region, and that social cohesion projects need support. He added that the Women's Programs Center and women's associations are a tool for change.

The chairwoman of the Higher Coordination Committee for Women's Programs Centers, Najah Al-Azza, explained that the aim of the conference is for youth to express themselves, and art was used to deliver messages to the community about the importance of dialogue, participation, and accepting the other.

A play was also presented by a group of creative youth, in which they emphasized the importance of women's participation in political life.