NAZAHA Technical Working Group First Meeting

technical working group first meeting 1

On Tuesday 14 March, the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID Jordan) and in coordination with Al Hayat Center - RASED organized the first meeting of the NAZAHA Technical Working Group.

This meeting was organized under the “Nazaha: EU Support to social accountability and Civil Society empowerment for better governance” project, co-funded by the EU and AECID, and implemented in partnership between Rasheed TI and Al Hayat-RASED. This project aims to bridge the gap between citizens and government through improved social accountability and capacities for CSOs and youth to hold the government accountable at the local and national levels.  

As part of this project, the Technical Working Group provides guidance and high-level coordination with other components of the EU Program to improve integrity and accountability in the Jordanian public administration at central and local levels, financed under the European Neighbourhood Instrument.

As an oversight body, the Technical Working Group will supervise the implementation of the NAZAHA project by enhancing synergies between implementing actors, providing technical expertise, and guiding the implementation of activities. Ensuring coherence of the project with objectives of the EU Program, it will report on the project’s progresses and achievements to the Steering Committee of the EU Program. 

During this meeting, participants reaffirmed their commitment to enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of civil society institutions by supporting them with the necessary tools and capacities to enhance community accountability at the official and local levels, emphasizing the importance of creating a supportive environment for civil society institutions and citizens, with a particular focus on youth, women, and persons with disabilities.

The technical working group, as a regulatory body, will oversee the implementation of the NAZAHA project by enhancing cooperation and coordination among the implementing bodies, providing technical expertise, and guiding the implementation of activities within the project. To ensure project consistency and alignment with the European Union program's objectives, a report on the project's progress and achievements will be presented to the European Union's steering committee.

The meeting was co-chaired by AECID, JIACC and MoPPA, and  included international organizations (EU, OECD) and Jordanian CSOs (Al Hayat-RASED, Rasheed TI).